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For about a year now, I have had these pains that seem to go from my lower abdomen to my rectum (all internal). But they are usually relieved when I have a bowel movement, which is sometimes hours later. I also have blood in my stool occasionally, but it’s bright red, so I’m thinking it may be hemorrhoids, but can those cause that abdominal pain? It’s like a wave of pain that intensifies then dies down, so not constant or sharp pain really…

yeah, i forgot to put in some of that extra info. I’m 19 years old, exercise fairly regularly, and am on a no caffeine diet, so no cokes, coffee, tea, etc.

If you are over 40 I would go ahead and seek the doc to have a colonoscopy just to clear any thing like a tear or cancerous lesions… just to be sure.

You also didn’t say if you had been tested for Celiac Disease (becoming very common today, please look it up so you can see the reasons and symptoms if you are u nfamiliar) and if you haven’t been tested for IBS which is Iritable Bowel Syndrom.

This last but not least could be an allergy to milk as well, so taking a lactaid pill before milk products may help too. The pain can be from LOTS of things here are a few:

One, not enough fiber; Two, too much fiber; Three, not enough water; Four too much red meat; Five you have a disease that needs repaired; Six, the pain could be from gas produced from the foods not mixing correctly in the gut.

Maybe if you have the funds, you could hire a nutritionalist as well for a while.

One thing I know for sure… if you have Hem’s you need to try to move your legs with more exercise, lose more weight, and eat much more fiber and have a movement daily, and increase your water and stop drinking sodas for a while.

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