Concentration For Brain Health

Concentration For Brain Health

Concentration Improves Brain Health And Performance

The word Concentration has some kind of positive connotation attached to it and denotes the ability of mind to focus on your current activity without mind getting distracted too often. People sometimes use adjectives like deep, total, strong or good to describe the depth or duration of focused attention; it means being able to manage mind from straying into other thoughts or wandering away.Focused attention is important for healthy living for, an unfixed mind makes it difficult for any one to staisfactorily accomplish individual tasks. If you are unable to fix attention on the current task for the length of time it takes to complete it effectively, the outcome is bound to be below par. Whether the task is assigned by someone or is your own, poor results lead to dissatisfaction, worry and enhanced stress. This can affect your health in many ways. It can also entangle you in a chroninc vicious loop. This is true for everyone: students, working professionals, housewives, ploiticians, preachers, businessmen, whoever. Therefore developing an intrinsic strength to stay focused on a job for longer durations is very necessary for leading a healthy life.

It is possible to get a sense of how good are you in reining in your mind through a simple observation. Lets say you are reciting a hymn, a carol or a prayer. If you closely observe the activity of your mind at the same moment, you will realize it is wandering in many thoughts, disconnected from the activity you are engaged in. You will not benefit from such disconnect between activity of the present devoid of your mind working in sync. I state this from personal experience because I have noticed it happening for a long time. Even after trying to chant/recite prayers loud in an effort to hold the mind together, far from it, every few minutes, I find mind straying into a world of its own. Getting your mind involved one hundred percent in the activity you are doing at the given moment is Concentration. Real mastery of the mind is the ability to hold it in such an involvement for longer lengths of time required to complete each present activity, without getting too many things in a clutter on your mind.Image credit: euskadi 69 at flickr

The Self Help Guide of the University Counselling Service (University of Cambridge) cites a definition for this attribute of exclusive attention as the ability to direct one''s thinking in whatever direction one intends to. This is quite interesting because it signifies a positive action by you being in control. This needs good practice. The goal of such practice is to achieve enhancement of the duration of focus. Which in essence is monitoring the mind and directing it to remain focused on completion of current activity. I have been studying this issue for quite some time and I belive that while it is difficult to rein in your mind from wandering, it is not impossible. One method is auto suggestion in which you (the self) monitor mental activity (this happens in very minute for a fracions of a second); when you notice your mind is not synchronizing with your primary physical activity of the moment, you direct the mind to stay in sync. It may not be easy always. Which is why I suggest that you use some induced techniques to achieve this. This is some kind of advance preparation to build strength to be attentive whenever you undertake tasks. There are a few techniques to condition your mind to stay tuned to the present moment and reduce its tendency to wander. Breathing techniques like pranayama and meditation help such strengthening. There are also some postures and mudras too which are quite useful. I practice these regularly, morning and evening and would commend these as being extremely helpful in achieving not just Concentration but stability and poise too.

A different perspective on the many dimensions of focusing is provided by The Focusing Institute. Though it too speaks of being centered on the present it introduces concepts of felt sense and felt shift. I am trying to explore more about it.Concentration primarily improves brain health and helps improve your overall performance in all spheres of life. It strengthens your memory power because an activity done with total concentration improves the retention ability of mind.

A serious condition which is identified with lack of ability for sustained attentiveness, predominantly in children is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Although symptoms of ADHD are clearly catgorized, causes may not be known. My sense is that more work needs to be done in this area, especialy because it is believed to run in families and may be a chronic condition.

You can improve your brain health through better Concentration. Practice regularly using the tips I have shared here. If you need support you may also Visit Native Remedies for Proven, Effective and 100% Safe Herbal Remedies

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