Millions of Americans are taking Nutrition Supplements

Millions of Americans are taking Nutrition Supplements

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We provide our patients with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements on the market today. These are only available through this website by our licensed doctors.

We know that over 200 million people are taking nutritional supplements in America today. But, I guess the real question is are Americans healthier today than they were 10 years ago? Cancer used to affect 1 in 10, in the next decade it will be 1 in 2. Heart disease is still #2 on the list, with cancer now becoming #1. So, with all these people using nutritional supplements to be healthier, why aren''t they? Quite simply they do not have a individualized, customized plan. They take whatever the "hot" supplement is for the week, stay on it until 1 bottle is gone and then move on to the next "big" thing in the supplement world. Most people do not know what to take, how much to take, when to take it or where to buy it.

How do we determine whether or not you need nutritional supplements? Quite simply, we do laboratory testing. What supplements a person should take depends totally on their unique body chemistry. The laboratory results will provide your doctor with the data needed for a personalized nutritional supplementation program. Other factors that affect what nutritional supplements you may need would be race, gender, age, family history, lifestyle, and symptoms/overall state of health. We determine what you need on a individual basis. Upon careful review of your laboratory results, our highly trained doctor''s can determine exactly what you need from nutritional supplements.

The amounts of these supplements will be determined for only you. You will have precise instructions on how to take them and when to take them. Millions of Americans are "foolishly" spending their money on the current "hot" supplement or the latest diet trend, but statistics tell us that Americans are getting fatter and more unhealthy by the second. They are also wasting their time taking nutritional supplements that they do not need. Which in turn does not provide them with the results they desire.

Over 80% of Americans, including children are taking nutritional supplements. Most of these people have never had laboratory tests done to determine which nutritional supplements they should be taking. Properly analyzed by a trained doctor, these tests are invaluable. Your individualized nutritional supplementation plan will lead you down the road to optimum wellness, if you follow it. You need this type of strategy to become healthy, stay healthy, and live a full vibrant life free from disease. We feel that this is not optional, but essential.