Rebecca Sato

Rebecca Sato

As a child all I wanted for christmas was microscopes and "science kits". I had several insect species living in jars under my bed, unbeknownst to my mother. The world around me was just so fascinating. I was chronically teased as a bookworm and for other strange habits, such as spending recess watching ants to try and figure out how they were communicating instead of playing dodgeball.

In high school I was a part of a unique pilot program called Science & Self-Expression where I was able to spend the majority of my scholastic time immersed in scientific study, including hands on field research. This was my first real glimpse of the wonderful world of science and how it permeates every aspect of our lives.

When the program ended and I had to go to real high school, I realized that conventional education sucks. I tested out of my classes. (If you can learn enough geometry in two days to pass out of a year''s worth with an "A", then you really have to wonder how great our education system is). I fortunately graduated early with my curiosity still in tact, and received a scholarship issued jointly by the US and German governments to study in Berlin. Having grown up in a small rural town, living in this progressive, urban setting was my first experience with holistic health, recycling, and other environmental issues. After a year in Berlin, I was so intrigued by how different various cultures are (and also because I had a random goal of speaking 5 languages by the time I was 21) that I spent the next five years living and studying in the world capitols and major cities of Paris, Moscow, Montreal, and Stockholm.

When I returned to the US I was disheartened by the thought of having to specialize in something if I was going to be a scientist. I wanted to know all about everything! Eventually I decided that behavioral science, although considered a "soft" science, was a broad enough field that I wouldn''t feel pigeon-holed. After earning my degree I was able to indulge my universal love of all things science as a freelance writer, covering a wide range of eclectic topics. Eventually, I found that the topics that really intrigued me most were all in some way pertaining to human health issues. I''ve become obsessed with researching how to personally live a healthy life in every facet of wellness. That''s when I decided to indulge my favorite past time by founding Health Nut Central.

Researching topics pertaining to longevity, wellness, mind-body connections, psychology, herbs, relationships and environment.