Virilix ReviewWhen men and women discuss

Virilix ReviewWhen men and women discuss

Virilix Review

When men and women discuss what’s important in the bedroom ejaculatory control and volume could be one of the main topics brought up. Whether it has to do with confidence or a sense of virility and health, being able to produce a large amount of semen can be a highly sought after attribute for some. Although this aspect of sex isn’t necessarily at the forefront of everyone’s concerns it can be a big problem between sexual partners and finding a natural supplement that addresses this isn’t the easiest task out there.

Fortunately Virilix is here to save the day and increases ejaculation isn’t all that this product is capable of. What makes this product so different definitely is the long list of results it sports, or supposedly can provide. Virilix is endorsed by a major film star and claims to address all aspects of male sexual health conditions like sexual impotency and loss of sex drive. The formula also works to enhance your overall sex drive and stamina making it a more worthwhile experience for both you and your partner.

However, before we get sold on the adult film star endorsement we need to take a closer look inside the formula to be sure it is the healthful sexual enhancement we have all been looking for.

Can Virilix Truly Provide You With The Sought After Results It Claims?

As mentioned earlier, in order to support the claims Virilix makes they provide you with adult film star Peter North’s testimonial. As convincing as this may be no other testimonials are included on the official website nor are there any consumer reviews or ratings. This lack of information leaves us wondering if this product is indeed as effective as it claims and forces us to turn to the ingredients in hopes of finding out.

Upon reviewing the actives supposedly responsible for these sought after results we are less well, less than impressed. You see although this formula does indeed contain many of the same active as your average male enhancement supplement it does also leave a few vital actives out. The formula however is a basic one as its main driving force is L-Arginine and Epimedium Sagittatum, when combined, these two ingredients are known to stimulate circulation and increased libido.

How Much Is Virilix?

You can purchase Virilix directly from NME Products Inc. on the official website, where the first bottle is free when you sign up for the Virilix automatic shipping program. This may sound good at first glance but it means you are required to sign up for up to a year’s worth with your first purchase. Other package options include two bottles for $30, three bottles plus one free for $50 or four bottles and two free for $70. The formulators also a 40 day money back guarantee making this product an easy investment for first time buyers.

Virilix Final Thoughts And Overall Value

When it comes down to it we don’t believe Virilix to be capable of providing you with much more than your average male enhancement supplement and consider it to be of average value.

Have you used Virilix?

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