What Is Vaser Hi Def Liposelection?

What Is Vaser Hi Def Liposelection?
his n hers abs 150x150 What Is Vaser Hi Def Liposelection?
Boston Vaser hi def liposelection

Vaser lipo has a couple of different variations, regular Vaser liposuction and Vaser Hi Def Liposuction. Vaser lipo created a sensation in the cosmetic surgery world when it appeared on the scene a few years ago, revolutionizing liposuction as nothing before it had done.

Vaser surgeons started to push the boundaries of what could be achieved with liposuction, especially with the new Vaser lipo technology. Soon liposuction specialist surgeons such as Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and Dr. John A. Millard started to refine the Vaser technique even further – and Vaser Hi Def was born.

Regular Vaser lipo is excellent if you have a normal figure with some pockets of fat you want removed. In fact, Vaser lipo can be excellent for those people who want to remove that little extra padding. Since Vaser lipo is a tumescent technique, involving the introduction of ultrasound to liquefy the fat, which is then aspirated, it’s also much gentler than former liposuction techniques. Scarring is minimal, as is recovery time.

Now Vaser Hi Def, on the other hand, is quite a lot more specialized. This procedure is for people who are by definition ‘super fit’ – they already have well sculpted bodies because of regular and devoted gym time.

Candidates might include models, bodybuilders and other individuals who are interested in getting into the best shape of their lives.

The reason for this is that:

- Vaser Hi Def is designed to remove the fat from around the muscle groups in strategic areas, thereby defining the contours of the muscles.
- In the hands of an experienced, skilled Vaser surgeon, Vaser Hi Def is akin to a precision sculpting tool. The cannulas that are used in Vaser Hi Def are also much smaller than in regular lipo. This means that they can be used to take the fat out of tiny areas, defining well shaped musculature by removing the fat padding from around the muscles.

This is body sculpting and muscle definition at its finest. Because Vaser can be performed under local anesthetic, patients can usually go home on the day of the procedure. Because Vaser Hi Def is a far gentler technique, bruising and swelling are minimized. So, individuals are usually able to show off their new, more defined physiques within a few days.

Of course, Vaser Hi Def is not for everyone. Patients wanting to undergo the procedure need to be in excellent physical shape, or the Vaser surgeon won’t be able to get that finely chiseled look. Strenuous gym routines can be resumed about a month after the Vaser Hi Def liposuction procedure.

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