Whatcha Reading? Healthier Heather

Whatcha Reading?  Healthier Heather

September 12, 2013Beliefsbalance, Beliefs, Brene Brown, Dreams, Fear, James Altucher, Jon Acuff, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, womenHeather

This summer and now into the (almost) fall, I have been reading some awesome books that I would hope you would take a peek at. I have had a nice blend of business, self-exploration and quite frankly, fluff (aka. smut- but I wont list those for this post. You have to find me on your own to ask for those). I really have read some AMAZING books that have been chock full of a-ha moments that have come to fruition. . So heres my recomended list of reading that I have enjoyed in the past few months:

1) James Althuchers book Choose Yourself  is BY FAR the best book I have read all year. I recently was on a plane with my 6 year old as a sole parent and was plowing through this book with enthusiasm and out loud yes on the plane. Alutcher gets what todays economy is about and gives us real life pointers as to how we can become the person, and business, that we truly want to be. I aspire to be what this book is about. Im working on his Sacred daily practices as we speak.

2) Brene Browns book Daring Greatly. Over the years I have figured out that as a manager, worker and person I give so much of myself in conversations, meetings and just in general. I speak my thruth and tell my personal stories. As one supervisor once told me, You believe in your staff to a fault and you give of yourself to the same extent. I never saw it as a fault, I saw it as being vulnerable so that they could see themselves in me. I though that was one aspect of leaership. This book backed me up in my theory that vulnerability is a good thing. Read it. Trust me.

3) Jon Acuff Quitter. Ok, so let me be clear- I am not quitting my day job. I need the paycheck. Yet, I have always had these ideas, dreams and aspirations that I knew needed to come out but I didnt know what to do with them. Jon Acuffs book has been a life-changer for me. He speaks in real terms, about real life within the context of real dreams. What the hell does that mean? Well, I love my job but I have ideas and dreams that would take me to the next level. So instead of quitting my job and going for broke, Jon gives the reader some real-life examples of what to do with that idea but also a gut-check on why you cant just quit that job that pays your bills but how you can work towards your dream in the process. One day at a time.

4) Lean In and everything that comes with that. Ok, look. I finally finished it. As a woman who is CONSTANTLY working in this realm and amongst these ideas it took me a while to finish it because, quite frankly, shes not saying anything I didnt already think or know or feel. What she wrote about, I have felt. Albeit, my son hasnt had lice and I didnt know on a private plane- but in reality I have made choices and sacrifices, and have had the same guilt, that she talks about without the size of her paycheck. I will say this- her book has pushed me. Pushed me beyond where I never would have imagined I would go if I thought about this a year ago. So when she asks What would you do if you knew you would not fail?. Oh sister, you have no idea. But now I do have an idea and I thank Sheryl for planting the seed.

But quite frankly, I DO have an idea what I want and what I would do. And through reflection I have come to realize that what we read truly does become part of our thoughts. And our thoughts become our actions. And all of that stems from our dreams.

And for those of us who have seen dreams turn into action which in turn have become a part of real life it just goes to show that what we read and turn into action truly can become our reality.

So I ask you, what have you read latealy?

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