~ Biography

~ Biography

~ Biography ~

In 1971, I was diagnosed with ovarian and cervical cancer. In the spring of 1971 I underwent a hysterectomy. In 1975, I received shattering news that cancer was again ravaging my body. After a year had past with many tests and seeking numerous medical opinions I was told cancer had spread to my colon, liver, breast, and spleen. I refused traditional medical treatments. In 1976, I had become desperate, my bady was riddled with pain and with the help of my husband we traveled across the continent to Winthrop, Washington. There I sought the teachings of Dr. Donald Kelly, who had also been a cancer survivor and had written his testimony, "One Answer to Cancer". His nutritional principles and training assisted me in beginning a new lifestyle.

I had become very impatient with my progress and in 1979, I flew to Mexico, to study under Charlotte Gerson Straus, a registered nurse and daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. The Gerson method primarily focuses on utilizing live foods and multiple juices daily. As I became healthier and made a considerable balance with my diet and nutritional values I felt a need to experience the healing powers from human touch. I began to study massage and various techniques to assist the body during healing. In one of my quests for healing I learned from a group in Montreal, about the study of blood and its messages for continued health. Even in 1992, I still monitor my blood on a quarterly basis to maintain balance. I seek out the skills of Phillip Hoeckstra, who studies and interprets "dark field blood analysis" and non-invasive thermography. Fortunately, we have a rich resource of physicians who practice alternate care here in Michigan.

One must realize it takes a total dedication of the mind, spirit, and body. Healing can only take place with the belief in God, self-motivation, acceptance of knowledge and love for your fellow man.

Mercedes A. LaPine, N.D.