Almond vegetable salad - Family Healthy Recipes

Almond vegetable salad - Family Healthy Recipes

Almond vegetable salad - Family Healthy Recipes

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the water boil, add shrimp Blanch, to stand head and peeling;

sweet pods to the tendons, boiled water, cooked;

Will all processed materials mixed, add olive oil;

Lemon incision, crowded juice, take 2 teaspoons into other ingredients;

To add a few salt, combine all the ingredients and stir can.

Raw purple cabbage micro spicy taste, not used to the could start with a little sugar marinate ten minutes, can remove spicy, make purple cabbage more sweet;

If no fresh lemon, can with lemon juice or white vinegar instead.

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Almond contains abundant single not saturated fatty acid, can improve the general level of cholesterol the body, good for the heart.

Not only so, almond easy to let a person feel fuller, not only calories low, and oilsand fats have 70% belong to super healthy not saturated fatty acid, won''t cause weight gain. In addition, almond contain rich vitamin E, have puissant drop reactive anti-aging effect.

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