Ban Salt-based Domestic Water Softeners - Healthy Living Wire

Ban Salt-based Domestic Water Softeners - Healthy Living Wire

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Jackie Bargas

The company has taken this measure to address environmental and health concerns. It highlights the importance of using water softeners saying the traditional salt-based products are capable of removing magnesium and calcium ions from water.

These elements cause hardness through a procedure in ion exchange but there are several alternatives to removing them. One is by using a unit which will be a substitute for sodium and regenerates potassium chloride salt. Another is to use a magnetic water softener.

Manufacturers claim that these products can change calcium carbonate minerals by affecting its electromagnetic properties. According to research, water softeners only add a small amount of sodium to the recommended dietary allowance. But such intake is significant enough for the 20 percent of Americans that are at risk for hypertension and high blood pressure.

This video explains further about the basics of salt-based water softener.

A statement by the American Heart Association (AHA) cautions people with sodium intake of about half a gram per day. They are warned to avoid water that contains more than 20 milligrams of sodium per liter. Some areas in the country have water supplies that contain more than the recommended amount. If left unchecked, the AHA warns that this could potentially cause serious health issues.

In this case, the public is advised to seek suppliers when there are no salt water softener products available in their area. Sodium causes other adverse effects on wildlife, soil and vegetation. To look at it entirely, the water filters are an ideal choice for having both a healthy environment.

People that are sensitive to sodium will have to choose the right kind of water softener as this is important for them. For those who are having many jurisdictions that limit the application of standard salt-based water softeners, getting the salt-free products may be the only option for them.Click on the share button and let others decide if they still want to use salt based water softener.

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