Diets 4® is a registered Herbalife Distributor

Diets 4® is a registered Herbalife Distributor

Our Statement of how we believe we can help our customers acheive their wellness goals

Diets, weight loss and wellbeing are taken very seriously these days and this concern has formed the basis for the layout of our website. We are able to successfully introduce you to all our herbalife products (incl skin care, sports nutrition). (We wish to mention that if you suffer from Diabetes we strongly advise you contact us, your doctor or get further information about the carbohydrates contained with our products).

We believe this website fulfils the following criteria in the way it offers its services:

  1. To inform and/ or provide information to those seeking such information - without gimmicks, etc.
  2. To advise on those products offered by us, which we believe will help you reach your goal. For weight management products (lose, gain or just maintain) all our customers are invited to complete a simple survey in order that we are able to provide the advice effectively and professionally.
  3. To support and/ or provide coaching where the customer feels it is wanted - at no cost to the customer.
  4. To provide updated information as and when available - such as new products, etc. Please review our sample newsletter and, if you wish, subscribe to receive future editions by email by completing the simple form on the left panel on the main website pages - you can unsubscribe at any time. (PS: we have an archive section, so you can read and catch up on past issues - especially our ongoing campaign to reduce/ eliminate child obesity around the world, as explained in our September 2006 issue).

Finally, and most importantly, ALL our products on offer to you are recognised by over 60 government regulations/ protocols as being food-based (no additives or preservatives) and this includes the cosmetic and skin care range of products.

Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact us any time so we may assist you with your choice of products or offer informed advice.

Yours in health,

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