Lasting Longer in Bed!

Lasting Longer in Bed!

How do I Last Longer?

When it comes to sex, most men either worry about not being able to achieve and maintain an erection or about coming too fast. Both of these unfortunate situations are associated with a failure to please and be pleased and men tend to think less of themselves if they fail. Still, wherever there''s some kind of problem, you can always find at least a dozen men striving to find a solution.

The only thing still in doubt is whether the solutions work or not. I mean, scams are nothing new and one can never know whether a simple remedy would do or the problem is too big to be handled by anyone other than a doctor. And so, thousands of men are wondering if there''s a secret to lasting longer, if some method or other could help them avoid future trouble.

Actually there are quite a few methods out there claiming they can assist men in lasting longer and getting greater pleasure from sex. But not all methods are sound and some are less effective than others. Every man who is trying to find a cure for this problem should be very cautious about success stories designed to mislead. The most common remedy recommended by therapists is learning to control ejaculation through exercises.

There are two types of exercises which are suited for gaining control over the ejaculation process. The first type is usually known under the name "start-stop". This technique is supposed to get the man accustomed to maintaining an erection for extended periods of time without ejaculating. In time, the man performing this exercise is bound to get over the initial feeling of hopelessness and learn to gain full control over his ejaculation.

The hardest and most important part is, of course, to acquire the necessary confidence that can reverse the self-reinforcing negative mindset. The second type of exercise is known as "Kegel", which is derived from the name of the man who made it popular: Doctor Arnold Kegel. Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle through repeated flexing.

This muscle controls both the urination and ejaculation processes and can be used to stop both of them. The average man has a minimally trained muscle that is not of much use. However, with proper training, a man can learn to clench his pubococcygeus muscle in order to delay ejaculation and also to relax it completely in order to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Another way to train men to last longer is through penis enlargement exercises. Just like the therapists before them, the people running penis enlargement exercises programs have sought to help men by developing exercises designed to train their pubococcygeus muscles in order to control ejaculation. The penis enlargement programs feature more sophisticated versions of the basic Kegel exercise, designed to get the maximum possible training for the PC muscle.

These exercises seem to be an effective way to teach men to control their ejaculation. Other methods of lasting longer in bed include the use of condoms. Manufacturers have launched some time ago condoms containing Benzocaine or some other substance that desensitizes the head of the penis in order to delay ejaculation. This type of condoms comes in very handy for those who only need a little help on the physical side.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation can also resort to employing the services of the hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a proven method of helping the men whose premature ejaculation problems derive from a subconscious habit. Giving the mind hypnotic suggestions to last longer is a good way of making sure that premature ejaculation doesn''t spoil the party.

Certain antidepressant drugs are known to delay ejaculation in twenty to sixty percent of men. The same effect can be obtained through the use of small quantities of alcohol or recreational drugs. Still, obtaining the desired effect from alcohol and drugs is not the easiest thing to do because of the high possibility of abuse. So there you have it, a comprehensive list of methods that can help you achieve the dream of lasting longer in bed.

You can choose whatever method you like, from a glass of wine during dinner to calm you down to performing advanced penis enlargement exercises. Sooner or later you are going to gain the desired control over ejaculation and put an end to those embarrassing moments that nobody should have to go through. Have fun and stay safe.