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Small to Large Employer Groups

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Design a group health plan that better meets your budget and health care needs!

Preferred Provider Options (PPO) coverage costs you less because you agree to use network doctors and hospitals.

Note: A cost effective option if the PPO Network is adequate for your area.

Check out the Michigan Premier Provider Network Directory at and see if the providers in your area are adequate.

Stop Renting Your Health Plan!
Have Your Employees Take Ownership With A HSA!

The solution to today''s health insurance crisis - out of control premium increases and loss of benefits - is a Health Savings Account/HSA. The concept is SIMPLE: an HSA allows your to take the savings you receive on premiums when switching to a higher deductible plan and deposit them into a tax-free accounts to use for expenses that are under your deductible. If you don''t spend this,you keep it for future medical expenses. It won''t go to an insurance company.

For a overview of HSA''s please contact Penny Henderson with any questions.

Employer Strategies and Solutions to Substantially Reduce:

  • the high cost of Health Insurance;
  • the cost for Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses;
  • the cost for Dependent Day Care Expenses;
  • the cost for Parking and Transit Expenses;
  • cost of Self-Employed Healthcare Expenses;
  • Employer Matching Payroll Taxes by 8%;
  • Employee Income Taxes by 30%.

The IRS Code has numerous provisions designed to help employers provide essential benefits to their employees tax-free. This saves the employee approximately 30% in income taxes on expenses they''re already paying for, and because the employees have reduced their taxable income, the employer realizes a reduced matching payroll tax liability of approximately 8%. Everybody saves money.

To take advantage of these tax deductions the IRS requires that the employer have a written plan document and the Department of Labor and ERISA law require that every employee receive a summary plan description (SPD) explaining the new benefit in easy to understand language.

We are dedicated to providing employers with the tools they need to successfully establish these written plans with SPDs at the lowest cost possible.

Call Penny for assistance: 877-548-3819