Creative Ways To Use Coconut

Creative Ways To Use Coconut
Creative Ways To Use Coconut

One fat that’s getting talked about more and more in the nutrition field is coconut and for good reason. The health benefits that this fat provides are virtually endless and with the unique taste it offers, you’d be silly not to include it in your day.

Coconut is a saturated form of fat, but since it is a medium chain triglyceride, this makes it a much healthier variety of saturated fat that is actually good for your heart. In addition to that, it’s one variety of fat that can be broken down and used for energy very rapidly in the body, so for this reason it’s a much more ideal option for those using lower carb diets.

This said, if you still aren’t quite sure how to serve up coconut with your diet, let’s walk you through some options.

Use Coconut Milk In Smoothies

The first way to add more coconut to your diet is to swap out the regular cow’s or almond milk that you’re using for coconut milk instead.

Coconut milk will add a unique flavor to the smoothie and works great when using bananas especially.

Some people may even want to consider using coconut milk in their cereal as well if they really enjoy the taste of this healthy source of fat.

Add Unsweetened Coconut To Yogurt And Berries

The next way to get coconut in is to simply top your bowl of yogurt and fresh berries with some unsweetened dried coconut.

This will add a hint of taste to the snack and even add a bit of crunchy texture to it, which will definitely please your taste buds.

Two tablespoons will provide around100 calories, so this is the perfect amount to be adding on.

Try Coconut Oil In Stir-Fries

You can also try replacing your regular olive oil for some coconut oil as well when preparing stir-fry’s or other dishes that call for oil.

Coconut oil will add only a hint of flavor once again so you may not even notice the switch, but your body will appreciate the nutrition that it has to offer.

If you aren’t quite sure if you’ll like coconut oil in there, consider doing a half-half combo with olive oil instead.

Top Unsweetened Coconut Over Oatmeal

Finally, the last way to add some coconut to your diet is to use the unsweetened coconut technique only this time over a bowl of oatmeal.

It would taste great to add a small handful of dried cranberries to your bowl of oatmeal along with a few tablespoons of the coconut as well. These two flavors tend to blend together nicely and as long as you serve this bowl of cereal with a protein source, you’ll have a very complete meal to start your day.

So next time you’re trying to get more coconut in, be sure to consider these options. Each will offer superior nutrition and liven up your meal plan.