Do You Want A Relationship Or An Adventure?

Do You Want A Relationship Or An Adventure?

The guy knocks you out when you just look at him, you want him to notice you, smile and invite you to have a cup of coffee together. In the end you have a date, another one and so on. You can’t believe he doesn’t make any moves, he doesn’t kiss you, he does not take your hand into his, he says nothing about moving forward.

You think at 2 possibilities: he is either shy or gay. In the end you discover this man likes you but he does not want a serious relationship, he does not want to cause you pain, so he tells you the truth. The reason is Ok but you feel hurt.

You try to think this is better for you, but deep down you are convinced you need him to be by your side, you want hugs not only sex once a week. You know you want the whole package and hope he will change his mind. Your last relationship was so passionate, of course you do not want to think about it and make comparisons but you want this relationship to be even better. The more he rejects the whole package, the more you want it.

What are in fact the advantages and disadvantages of an adventure?

A great advantage is that you will not be in the position to get bored of him; he will not pressure or impose anything to you. He will not be ”the master” and there will be no reproaches. Maybe, in the end, you will like this, just have fun and leave without preparing breakfast or washing dishes.

Disadvantages are not so many or overwhelming. You may feel used because he wants you for sex only and when you are together you behave not like a couple but like strangers. He will not stand by you to wipe your tears, to share lovely moments, you will be alone on vacations or holidays. You will probably pity yourself and regret what you did. There is also the risk to fall in love with him and then the ending-up can be ugly. Especially if you tell him this and he will abandon you, there can be feelings of being ‘’seduced and dumped”.

In the end we are all free to choose what we like, only that before each step we need to consider consequences, analyze advantages and disadvantages and think of our own life.

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