Reactivity and Proactivity

Reactivity and Proactivity

Yesterday’s post on Agency went well until it didn’t. LOL.

I was writing after three beers, basically the perfect amount to really make your brain go “eh” after about 30-50 minutes.

But today, I went to starbucks and had a bit of mediative time alone (despite being surrounded by various people). I kept thinking about my agency as a human, and the agency of other humans.

If you believe to have full agency over yourself, you should view others in the same light. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite, and/or a douche bag. Mostly a douche bag.

Having this view on life and people must mean that being more proactive than reactive is a fools errand. Yes, my agency and human soul will lead me to do as I please, but there are the other 99.99% of humans that aren’t me. And they ALL have agency over their lives, or at least I will treat them as such. Even if they are controlled by a third party, their actions will still hold some scrap of agency.

If that is the case, to live reactively is an intelligent choice. I have my thoughts, desires, and dreams which will lead me to act as I like, but because all other humans have this agency, I must be prepared to react in a world where that is the case. No future I envision will turn out exactly as my head envisions it. Because of this small “problem.” But it’s not a problem at all. The interactions that make the world go round are because everyone has agency as a human being, not in spite of them. We are all different. Stop saying we’re equal. There is beauty in the chaos of difference.

The ego makes us believe that we can completely control the world around us or that the world around us will happen in one particular way. One EXACT timeline and series of events. Well that’s bullshit. The law of attraction does apply, and I believe the universe will reward us with our desires if we have a bit of faith. However, due to the agency of other human beings around us, the details will always be fuzzy. Like an ocean. You know which way the current flows, and can follow it generally, but only a fool worries about which molecules carry him. He is still being carried.

Hence the reactivity. I will continue the water analogy. If we are rowing a boat down the river, it is a futile effort to attempt to control the exact path. But if we have faith in the river and in ourselves, we can expect to get there. Just be prepared to react to the environment of the river. An environment beyond your direct control.

And because the environment we live in is still a physical one, it makes good sense to be able to be physically reactive. The human animal is supposed to be able to move through his or her environment as well as his or her social environment (because we are social animals). The ability to move through a changing environment is pathetically non-existent anymore, even by myself. Gymnastics training come fall will be a great beginning to change.

Then there is the social reactivity. The ability to speak and navigate through what people will say in response to you. It won’t be easy, but with some balls and integrity, we quickly find ourselves able to see who wants to be around us for us, and who doesn’t. And it’s okay.

I will wrap up with this. To believe in full agency and autonomy of humans, we don’t have the right to proactively run other people’s lives, but only have the right to proactively run our own, and have the responsibility to ourselves to learn how to react to the world around us.

In Love, and Peace,