2009 February Health and Wellness

2009  February  Health and Wellness

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Our Hunger Is Caused By Nutrient Absorption

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 28-02-2009

We also find out that once we go off of these diets we grow the weight back faster than we lost it, and usually add a few more pounds on top of it (time and again due to loss of muscle mass in the process). This is obviously not the way to go, yet so lots of people are still duped into following these wacky diets…again and again and again.

The big lose belly fat secret I’ve found in eating is that as opposed to focusing on what you can’t eat or what you shouldn’t eat, we should be concentrating on the sorts of foods that create an ideal environment for satisfying hunger. This is true because when it comes down to it, we have to produce a calorie deficit if we want to lose fat.

That is, we have to burn more calories than we consume. The train principles I described in secret #2 will help to create a deficit without changing your eating habits at all. But if you want quick success, and lasting success, you must use well eating strategies as well.

Whether you like it or not, the big trouble people have is simply eating too many calories…there is too much going in and the single place the excess is going is to your fat stores. So what I’ve found is that as opposed to restricting yourself of entire food groups (like carbohydrates), it’s far easier and better from a fat loss and health standpoint to focus on eating foods loaded in nutrients. Why?

Because our hunger is driven by nutrient absorption. Not just the macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats), but even further so by the Micronutrients…the vitamins, minerals, etc. that are found in particular foods and not so much in others. In fact most people don’t even think about this, instead focusing on how many carbs or how much fat or protein they consume.

And the mainstream diets are this way too. When you analyze it, most diets are just deviations of either low calorie, low fat, or low carb. They’re all focused on the macronutrients with little regard for choosing food based on the Micronutrients….which truly satisfy your body and your hunger.

When you focus on these foods, numerous of the details take care of themselves.

Think about it, these are the foods your body craves normally…why? Because they’re loaded with nutrients…your body craves nutrients. I’m talking about organic whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. If you give your body what it craves, it’s very dubious you’ll have overeating problems. Period.

This one lose belly fat fact could save so many people from so many health troubles it’s not even funny. And most issues with fat gain simply disappear when eating this way even 80-90% of the time. And over this, you’re automatically lowering your chance for various diseases and ailments that plague the person on the regular oversized and protein heavy American or western diet.

Now, focusing on nutrient rich foods is the base, but there are other factors we can manipulate to get the desired fat burning effect while supporting the muscle development we are stimulating with our proper train application as I talked about in the last secret. These include eating smaller meals more repeatedly, managing your calorie intake without actually counting calories, and more.

Read how to loose weight open one of the most ugly true facts about weight loss.

Do You Really Think You Can Have Flat Tummy When You Are Past Age 40?

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 28-02-2009

Abs, washboard abs in particular are incredibly attractive. One of my favorite quotes: 6 pack abs are made in the kitchen. Abs is not an easy task because it requires dedication and motivation.

You’re not alone if you believe that getting chiseled abs isn’t simple. Before you dump on your workout and supplements for not furnishing you with killer abs, you should know that the real problem may be your diet – or even your high-stress routine. It goes without saying that even if you had the best abs in the world, they will still look pretty average with a layer of body fat covering them.

Diet plays a significant part in defining your abs, so a few adjustments will be needed in order for your body to look its best. What you eat is the most important factor when it comes to seeing the muscle definition on your abs. New studies show that what you eat is just as significant as how – or even how much – you exercise if you want to go from fat to fab abs.

While the necessary combination of a healthy, lean diet, steady cardio work, and a detailed abdominal plan may sound hard; it is positively within your capacity to get the six-pack abs that others will surely stare at. Looking for the best lower ab workouts to get those rock hard wash board abs.

It’s a fact, everyone has dreamed of having six pack abs, but few are doing the right abdominal and core workouts to get them. Unfortunately only some, but not all, of the available good abdominal exercises will help you sculpt a good set of 6 pack abs.

Using exceptionally good abdominal exercises with theproper guidance will help you create 6 pack abs with a very positive and powerful visual effect that you can beproud of. Its a fact that everyone wants either strong abs,visually appealing abdominal muscles or both.

Youll not only be able to flatten your abs but define and separate your abdominal muscles, creating that specific 6 pack look that you want. Fat is much slower to metabolize, so, short of having it surgically removed [liposuction], rapid weight-loss is seldom a good sign. Fat burning is not localized, otherwise everyone who ate lots would be overweight but with rock hard, lantern jaws.

Fat burning exercises can be easily be integrated into your weekly routine to accelerate your weight loss by increasing your resting metabolism, but theres more to losing weight than just exercise alone. Eating too much creates elevated insulin levels, which causes low blood sugar, which in turn causes the body to store fat.

If your diet and over-all exercise program isnt getting rid of the fat covering your abs, youll never see any 6 pack abs. What the best ab workouts will do for you however is drastically strengthen and shape your abdominal muscles so you can see them after youve used other fitness, nutrition & exercise techniques to burn off the layer of fat covering them.

Weight Loss Workouts help you burn fat and lose weight fast. Weight training has a two fold benefit. Weight training, along with the proper nutrition, allows you to maintain and build muscle, ensuring that your metabolism is always in high gear. Weight discipline will not execute a sufficient amount of body fat.

Weight development preserves muscle mass, and increases body posture as your body tones up. Weight loss is a very difficult task because you have to change the way you live your life. Muscled, buffed, smooth hard bodies are promoting everything thing from cars, tools and even beer.

Visit the Jimmy Woodall Website 6-Pack Abs, there is lots of good information for you to look at there just go here now==> 0 six pack abs diet formula and how to guide for 6 pack abs.

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Considering Weight Loss Plan Weight Loss Exercises

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 28-02-2009

Almost everyone has a New Years resolution whenever a new year approaches which often includes weight loss recipes. This is usually something that they have probably tried before and have been unsuccessful. One of the most popular New Years resolutions is to lose weight. The reason this is important is because there has been a lot of public awareness regarding the dangers of being overweight. The medical term for being overweight is obesity which refers to a condition where the body accumulates enough fat for it to be a health risk. These risks are not exaggerated; over 400,000 people die each year due to obesity-related problems not to mention the billions of dollars spent each year in lost business production when employees have to miss work because of obesity-related doctors visits.

People gain weight in different ways and there is an overwhelming consensus that the main reasons why people become overweight is because of indulging in high calorie diets, lack of exercise or genetic issues that are compounded by the previous two points. In todays society, people are under tremendous pressure and they have no time to eat right or to exercise. This means the other alternative to eating is to go to fast food restaurants whose food is usually high in cholesterol. It is no longer unusual to see entire families eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at fast food restaurants because they simply have no time to go grocery shopping or cook a wholesome meal. The same people also do not allocate enough time for exercise and weight loss clinic and this is also because of the same reason-pressure from a society that demands everything from its people.

One of the ways people do not stick with their weight loss resolutions is because of time. As we have mentioned earlier, todays society demands a lot from its people. People are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet, go to school and in many cases also have families to take care of. These people come home too tired to exercise or even think of preparing a healthy balanced meal. For many, restaurants that serve take-away are their only option to eat. Fast food is known to not only be addictive, but also has a very high level of cholesterol.

Another reason why people also fail to keep their weight loss for teens resolutions is because they do not have a disciplined lifestyle. Discipline is required in order to attain whatever resolution one has. When it comes to exercise for instance, one cannot approach it half-heartedly. There has to be a routine and there has to be diligence. Sometimes this involves getting an accountability partner. A good partner would be someone who wants you to succeed and keeps you on your toes so that you do not relapse into the old habits which were counter-productive. You can also join a weight loss club. There are many of these in each city and you can simply go online and you will find one.

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 28-02-2009

These days all the people have fast life. They don’t have time to look upon them, to maintain their health, or their children health and due to this they don’t get the nutrition which their body needs to live a healthy life. Now a day’s fast food is being the first choice of every body because it was such a cheap and quick option for all by which many people are neglecting the healthy nutrition needs that their body’s are crying out for.

Protein is one of the building blocks of your body. Amino acids found in protein that are crucial for growth, tissue repair, and tissue replacement. Without enough protein, your body will not be able to create the new things that your body needs! Poultry is one of the best foods that you can eat for protein and chicken is also a wonderful food to help keep your health up. Milk is also the best source of protein.

To be in tip-top shape your body needs various nutrients and minerals. And a healthy diet that includes vitamins and minerals is the only way to get healthy body. Our body needs these nutrients for a number of different reasons; they are vital for gaining energy, for growth, and for restoring worn out tissues and for many things. Your health may suffer if your diet lacks the necessary vitamins. So, healthy nutrition is required for the obvious reason of keeping your health fit and fine.For More detils about healthy daily nutrition and healthy recipes you can visit at healthynutrition.terapad.com/

Why The World Trusts Ameda Purely Yours Breastfeeding Pump

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 28-02-2009

Doctors all over the world prefer natural breast milk over artificial milk products that may often come with chemical ingredients and is thus best avoided. It is almost impossible however for women who have to go out to work to keep feeding the baby and this is a serious problem. Hence, young mothers find breast pumps extremely handy for feeding purposes. One of the most convenient and popular type of breast pumps are the Ameda Purely Yours pumps.

Most doctors have placed their trust on these pumps, and that too for more than 50 years. Young mothers, in general, find these breast pumps convenient, comfortable and the fact is, they are hygienic for the baby as well. Both manual and electric varieties of these pumps are available. However the fact remains that both the varieties of these breast pumps come with many unique advantages that moms find most useful.

The Ameda Elite Electric pump technology is used in the electric version of the Ameda Purely Yours pumps. These pumps are effective, easy-to-use, and can conveniently collect and store breast milk and so the baby can have the milk even when the mom is out of home. The Ameda breast pumps can be individualized to cater to the requirements of each and every working mom, and they have actually been tested in hospitals and by medical professionals. A working mom can use an Elite Pump Carrying bag or backpack (you will find such accessories with the pump) to carry these breast pumps to their workplaces. Hence, these breast pumps have found increased popularity and usage among all those moms who have to return to work when they are still breast feeding.

The manual breast pumps are also extremely lightweight and hence they are portable. These manual pumps have found favor among new moms who would stay at home (or work part-time). The mother needs to be there always for breast feeding anymore and can go out if there is a need – the day care provider just needs to feed the breast milk that has already been stored in the pump.

The manual Ameda Purely Yours breastfeeding pump comes with the Ameda Breastfeeding Starter Kit, a sporty teal tote bag, and Ameda Cylinders that make them economically viable. The unique HygienKit milk collection system is also provided with some pumps, to preserve the purity of the breast milk. Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps is worth its price and it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Finding The Best Weight Loss Product To Help Trim The Fat

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 27-02-2009

Following a diet is like living death, not to mention that most of the weight loss programs out there won’t help you lose weight. your “diet” needs to be a lifestyle change, not something you do now and them to lose weight. It is okay if you choose to follow a healthy diet plan, but if you are like most people, you will go after the fast weight loss solutions, which most of the fad diets seem to offer, regardless of weight loss products!

In this article I will tell you how fad diets can not only kill your weight loss dreams but also your body!

1. Diet plays with your health: Many of the fad diets influence your health in a big way, so much so that you really wished you hadn’t followed this weight loss method! Diets usually restrict your food intake to the bare minimum, and some of them even make you starve for extended periods of time.

Believe it or not, many of the maladies out there, such as arrhythmia of the heart, osteoporosis of the bones, muscle injuries etc., are direct results of malnutrition. If ignored for a long time, malnutrition can also result in sudden death! I think you are better off being overweight than following any fad diet plan. If at all you want to lose weight, you should focus on eating and being healthy!

2. Diets make you suffer from loss of energy: Food is the main source of your body’s energy, and unless you have enough energy, you won’t be able to perform your daily activities. By limiting your food intake, diets are actually limiting your calorie consumption. Since calories are used by your body to produce energy, the fewer calories you consume, the less energy you will have.

This doesn’t however mean that you should consume excessive calories, but at the same time you should make sure that you are eating enough. When you don’t eat enough, you suffer from fatigue, loss of energy, mood swings, weakness, etc. Life becomes bitter and unpleasant to you!

3. Bad food habits are the direct results of dieting: In normal circumstances, your body tells you when it is time to eat. However, when you diet, your entire internal system is disrupted, so much so that you feel hungry at odd times when you are not supposed to eat. When you diet, you will try to sneak into your kitchen or take a peek at your refrigerator late at night to see if there is something that you can fill up your stomach with! The reason behind this is not hard to guess. Most of the diets perpetually keep you in a hungry state so it is natural for you to think about food at all times. Overeating and binge eating are direct results of dieting. Almost everyone who has followed a fad diet has ‘cheated’ on his diet at least once!

To get rid of hunger, you will probably try some form of diet pills or appetite suppressants. These pills just fool your brain to believe that you are full even when you are not! Naturally, your brain gets confused and sends wrong signals, so that you are unable to know when you are hungry and when you aren’t!

If you want to lose weight healthily, stop dieting and focus on healthy eating instead! Read more weight loss articles here.

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 27-02-2009

Ionic magnesium is the most important mineral in the body as it activates more than 300 processes.It is considered by many scientists to be the mineral to prevent Coronary Heart Disease. Magnesium is an essential mineral. The chief function of magnesium is to activate certain enzymes, especially those related to carbohydrate metabolism. Another role is to maintain the electrical potential across nerve and muscle membranes. It is essential for proper heartbeat and nerve transmission.

Ionic magnesium is required for protein synthesis, contractility of muscles, excitability of nerves and as a co-factor in a plethroa of enzyme functions. Proper calcium and magnesium consumption supports feeling younger and weight loss. The human body needs water-soluble magnesium in conjuction with calcium. If the level of magnesium is not maintained the excess calcium may become a toxin and lead to the Symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Many of us suffer for months and years from chronic conditions, that no one seems to detect the source of (not even the so-called experts). Only a few lucky ones realize that the true source of these conditions is due primarily to a magnesium deficiency. Many conditions are caused primarily by magnesium deficiency and for many other conditions magnesium deficiency is a major contributing factor.. Some of the functions of magnesium in the body are: energy production muscle function digestion creation of new cells bone formation relaxation of muscles the functioning of your heart, kidneys the activation of B vitamins, adrenals, brain and nervous system. To understand its importance consider that 90-95% of the population is deficient, and many thought that regular magnesium supplements will fix this deficiency. But if the magnesium supplement is not water soluble or available in ionic form it will literally pass through the digestive track with very little benefit to the body. For minerals to be absorbed into the body they must be available in ionic form.

Liquid Ionic Magnesium For minerals to be absorbed into the body they must be available in ionic form. The name says it all Liquid Ionic Magnesium which is how this magnesium supplement is delivered to you.It is considered to be the mineral of the heart. Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body because it activates over 300 processes in the body.Remember these functions are:• energy production• muscle function• digestion• creation of new cells• bone formation• relaxation of muscles• the functioning of your heart, kidneys• the activation of B vitamins, adrenals, brain and nervous system.Deficiency of magnesium, to any extent, will interfere with any of these factors. The solution is to take magnesium in a form where it is completely dissolved in water. In this ionic form the magnesium assimilates into the body fast producing almost instant relief. Ionic Liquid Magnesium is a product which was developed especially for that reason. Ionic Liquid Magnesium is a product that provides magnesium in an ionic solution in water which provides a high assimilable, effective, fast acting supplement. Just measure the serving size into a glass of water and drink.

2 Great Burning Body Fat Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 27-02-2009

The fat loss industry is full of fads which promise to magically melt all your weight away! We have fad diets which can help you lose weight within a few months, diet pills you simply need to take each day in order to get slimmer, etc. In fact, there is no dearth of magical fat loss products, though you will rarely hear about a product which magically boosts your metabolic rate!

Im not sure why everyones not concentrating on finding ways of increasing their metabolic rate, since it is the only key to fat loss success. In this article I will tell you how our metabolic rate effects our body weight and how you could use this method to lose of fat permanently!

Do you want rapid fat loss? How quickly you would be able to lose weight depends solely on your metabolic rate. If you have a high metabolism, fast weight loss wont be impossible for you. Alternatively, with a slow metabolic rate you arent likely to be successful in your weight loss goal. Now well consider how to improve your metabolic rate.

While humans are blessed with natural metabolism which keeps us fit and healthy, it is sometimes insufficient to help you with fast fat loss. If you want to burn fat fast, you need to improve your metabolic rate to abnormal levels! There are diet pills which claim to skyrocket your metabolism in no time; however they come with several harmful side effects, not to mention that the metabolism increase you achieve using them is short-lived. Diet pills are, therefore, not a long-term solution for fitness weight loss.

Some experts say that the most effective way of upping your metabolism naturally is by increasing your lean muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate would be and the faster you would lose fat. Luckily muscle building doesnt cost an arm and a leg; you can do it with the help of burn fat exercises!

Doing intense regularly would help you achieve fast fat loss. These intense workouts may seem to be strenuous at first glance, but unlike cardios, you need to do them only for 15-20 minutes daily. By spending as little as twenty minutes a day, you would be able to burn fat at a fast rate whilst building solid lean muscles at the same time. These muscles would help you burn fat even when you are not working out! Now we will consider what are the most effective intense workouts for this purpose?

Inevitably, lifting weights is worth considering when thinking of intense exercises. People wrongly believe that they need to do a number of low intensity repetitions with light weights to derive the optimum benefit from weight lifting. In fact, the higher and shorter your reps are, and the heavier your weights, the faster you would burn fat and lose weight. I would recommend that you do no more than ten to fifteen reps, but you need to make sure that the weights you use are heavier than five or six pounds!

Since you would be doing strenuous workouts, it is crucial that you replenish your body by increasing your water intake. If your body remains hydrated, you would find exercising much less difficult, as water would help your body recover quickly from the strain of these workouts! Its also important to consider fat burning diets as well as proper hydration.

In addition, water is itself a good metabolism increaser as well as a powerful detoxifier that cleanses all toxins from the body. The minimum recommended water intake for a normal adult is about eight to ten glasses a day.

Read how height weight calculator can help to keep weight problems under better control.

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 27-02-2009

Established medication is one means to a better evening of sleep but never think about sleep medication as something that ought to be your first option when endeavoring to get to sleep. Its a fact that these types of sleep aids should in reality be a last resort for individuals who are still not able to sleep after trying everything else. There are distinct varieties of medications that can assist, but its best to try medications that you can purchase over the counter as opposed to doctor prescribed.

Medicine that is prescribed by doctors will contain chemicals that are certain to put you into a relaxing sleep. The primary ingredient is often tryptophan a synthetic that boosts melatonin and serotonin both of which are utilized by the body to sleep. A lack of these two elements within the body can make things hard when it comes to falling asleep or the inability to sleep well.

Most over the counter sleep aids come in addition to painkillers like the ones that soothe headaches or medications for muscle aches. As a last resort, these types of medications should only be used when regular exercise and other ways of relaxing have proven to be ineffective in resolving the problem. If over the counter medications are not providing you with results that are helping you sleep, then you may have to discuss the situation with your family doctor.

Your doctor can offer you a number of options to try when it comes to a restful nights sleep with the first to consider or determine is exactly what is malfunctioning in you normal sleep process. After you have ruled out physical environment and have straightened out your sleeping routine then you need to consider that there may be a deeper reason for your lack of sleep.

One cause could be RLS or restless leg syndrome or you may simply be one of those light sleepers where tiny noises cause you to wake up. In this case you may require additional help in the form of a prescription sleep aid. Some of these could be muscle relaxers or pain killers or meds that are listed as strictly sleep aids and are designed to act as tranquilizers.

The types of strong medications or tranquilizers are constructed to put you to sleep fast by manipulating your mind and body so that it is in a position to make the most of REM sleep. Sometimes these doctor prescribed medicines solve problems such as those found with light sleepers. They do, however, also have their disadvantages in that they can make you sleep too long or too deep if you need to get up before a minimum of eight hours. You need to remember that prescription medications designed to aid in sleep are not designed to be taken consistently and are primarily created for use over a few days or weeks at most.

People would be smart to look into many different things to help you sleep before getting into physician prescribed pills. If all else proves to be ineffective then consuming tranquilizer-type medications may be your only option because most people who use sleep aids manage to establish a healthy sleeping routine.

Why Your Blood Sugar Changes In Diabetes

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 27-02-2009

Type 1 diabetes is occurs when your body cannot produce enough or zero insulin. This after beta cells found in the pancreas are destroyed by the white blood cells. Insulin is useful in a healthy body as it aids in absorption of sugar from blood to provide energy for the body cells to function properly.

Type 1 diabetes is commonly treated by administration of some amount of insulin depending on the level of blood sugar at any moment. This is mostly done by injections though a distributed diet containing very little carbohydrate may temporarily help maintain a steady supply of insulin. Since insulin injections cannot control the blood sugar uniformly through out the day, this results in occurrence of high and low blood sugars from time to time. You should get some advice from your local diabetes department

You blood sugar will go up and down througout the day. But if it goes too high or too low, it can really cause havoc with your body. When your blood sugar is high, you may find that you need to go to the toilet a lot, you can become quite thirsty and you can even go into a type of coma. If your blood sugar drops too low, you may find yourself become shaky and confused. What follows is a short discussion about the factors that affect your blood sugar variations:

Causes of High Blood Glucose level

* Forgetting to take an insulin shot will mean that your bodys cells will be unable to use the sugar in your blood and so your cells will become sick and your blood sugar will increase. * Eating more food than usual may lead to shooting of blood sugar when the food is digested. * When the patient is under stress or ill having an infection. * In the morning, the body usually has high concentration of blood sugar due to the reduced rate of activity of body cells. It’s called the dawn phenomenon or the Somogyi effect. * Taking other medicines, consult your doctor before using most types of medicines. * Growth hormone, which mediates growth and is increased during puberty, will make your body relatively resistant to insulin and causes your blood sugar to rise.

Reasons for a Low Blood Glucose level

* If your insulin dose is too high, your body will take up more glucose into the cells and leave your blood sugar low. * When a patient skips or delays taking a meal or snack, this interferes with regular release of insulin to the blood after digestion. * By exercising more than usual without eating enough food, the body uses more energy than it can supply leading to a deficit in blood sugar which supplies energy to body cells. * If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, your blood glucose will drop as a result of the alcohol on your digestion and cell function. * Just as some medications can raise your blood glucose level, some can also drop your blood glucose level this includes some that you can purchase over the counter, like aspirin. Always ask for advice before you take any medication. * Women in their menstrual period, this is because hormonal changes may affect how well insulin works in the blood.

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