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Articles - A WebsiteBuilder Website

Match Health Pro saves the significant amount of time that employers/recruiters currently spend reading and/or screening and analyzing resumés, but more important, we provide as final product a valuable tool that let them approach efficiently the next phase of the recruiting process with the contact and interview of the top candidates.

Match Health Pro understands that different medical offices and organizations have different recruitment needs. Some have a constant need for new personnel due to growth or a high turnover rate; others want to outsource part of the human resources responsibilities. Still other have specific confidentiality requirements or strict time limitations.

In all of these situations, Match Health Pro provides an efficient and analytical response to the first stage of the recruitment process, the resume screening. The ranked resumé report significantly facilitates the interview process so the capabilities of the human resources area will not be stressed or overburdened.

Match Health Pro’s final product is the MH Report. This report presents in an organized way a complete, structured, summarized and ranked profile of the 10 top candidates in one single page. This is a tool that let employers have a clear picture of whom, why and how are the best candidates for their job offers based on their resumes.

The MH Report evaluates the following factors contained in the resume:

• Core Criteria: Grade of accomplishment of the applicant of the requirements defined in the ad.
• Consistency: Job stability, clear indication of duties, responsibilities and accomplishments, precision in dates, consistency in job evolution along career, ignorance of discriminatory information, and alert to emphasis on unimportant matters and vague information.
• Organization: Logical sequence of information, correct itemization, consistency in dates and parameters of accomplishments.
• Layout: Grammar, spelling, attention to detail, types and size of letter, and general presentation.