Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

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Should we be driven by our negative Bipolar Disorder belief system?

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), Curing Mental Health Issues

Hey how you going this morning?Im on the way off to work this morning.I sort of felt that i really wanted to unload or let go of some of those thoughts and feelings and negative beliefs about having a Bipolar Disorder, not so much negative beliefs but because of i’m aware so much of what’s going on working, aware where things have been were trigger from bipolar disorder causes, it is my whole purpose here is actually support somebody else and to not be misunderstood.

Now what’s happened over last few,last 24 hours i called it is, look i’ve been represented or misrepresented Bipolar Disorder in a word that’s going into my head and it doesn’t make me feel really comfortable so I’ve explored that word, for everyone the word is “look who’s talking” now what i’ve learned in the online world it is about sales and marketing, it is about engaging with your clone when i called it that, but equally its a message that continues to be reinforced and strengthen so its fundamentally becomes a more of memory than a (what’s the word?) just like a once stop and we just forget all about it if we haven’t introduced enough or remindes of this particular person.

So were always coming back from a relationship that I speaks, was that i just met this person that was just absolutely beautiful in both heart and mind and to listen to the tile of difficulty.Is it made for me? Because for me we can relate to so many different things with having bipolar disorder, i can relate to the facial expressions to me , i can see what was being in a way, being felt !And that was very good conversation because it was coming from the heart but like after that then this sort of misinterpretation come through, misunderstanding come through, because there’s no more ability to actually have that face to face discussion and you just reading words that may not actually being put together. So, for me its about “practice makes perfect”, that for me its not about the relationship as such, its about the friendship ,its about the knowledge exchange, its about me as a person with bipolar disorder symptoms willing to help anyone and if this video hoping someone out there then it is worth my time seated on the side of the road and do it coz its quite frankly this is what all about!

I do anticipate, i do hope to get more engagement or do look forward to moving to a new world and not actually heading out in my flourish because this all about perception deception and a society painting their version of you as an individual with bipolar disorder and your brain subconsciously driven by that…their beliefs by society and for what i’ve learned its is just open up a flood gate of beauty inside and i’m really ,really, really happy with that.

I’ve been a layer to find my self through this person and now i’ve been misunderstood.My excitement is coming through, with the , my excitement, my interest,my desire ,its not the right words yet probably a good word associated to a just wanting to say thank you and saying thank you in a special way that i wanna yell this message to the world and that’s what exactly what i’m doing coz its not about one person its about what this one person is giving back to this other person.

Its not about me chasing its about what i’ve receive and in a law of gratitude its giving,sharing,caring, all of those words are really what this is about. Look im just starting to jibbin, yappin and jibber on the bit with me having bipolar disorder, ill cut it short now and again if this works for someone, this helps someone then job’s done for me.And ill head off and get back to the tools and keep moving forward coz i’m a happy camper and i really really do owe a special thanks to the one special person but not everyone is your boss. You take care! AG

Have I cured my Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), Curing Mental Health Issues, Mental Health

Hi, how you going? Just introducing myself a little bit! My name is Anthony Gardiner and 17 years ago approximately, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder , I have not been the type of person who has accepted the social “brand” as I call it. The reason i could not accept it is nobody can really explain it, for me I’m a logically based person, I’ve grown up around motor vehicles, I’ve grown up around racing cars, I’ve grown up around cars, I’ve grown up with a lot of things mechanical, so it’s made me what I call a very logical based person, how the things working, how do we make them work better, that’s my race car history.

As i speak to you, it triggers off a different thoughts that just jump around. As what my psychologist says to me just very recently, He said, “You know Anthony you just seem to be able to jump into different thought and different directions, and you lose me” and then he just stop. he looked back at me and he said , “You know why I think that and say that?” He said I actually think you’re smarter than me.

I’m an uneducated person that stopped school very very young, the journey of life is been what I called up and down and that everybody is a unique individual, and everybody has their unique perspective on how what we are when, the emotional tackle of feeling that we associated with the situation and circumstances in life and in our life leads a different impression.Now, some of us are strong enough , my theory is that the impact point in which these events happens, be that positive or be that negative inputs , as emotional goals or how our feelings responds to these, fundamentally create, we know that they create our characteristics.

What I’ve learned recently, or 2 years ago, make that 2011. I learned about the Linden Technique and also introduced to me is the Sedona Technique, and it was really about the process that helped me cure bipolar disorder.

To remove or clean up or call it support ,you, to find that ,it was fundamentally a tool that helped clean up our minds, a little bit like a vacuum cleaner that goes through the house,I’m not saying that this is for everyone and I equally accept that. I’m an extremely strong character person in mind, I don’t know why, it might be my theory.

My theory is that because my mother walked out on me when I was 4 years of age, she came back and out of my life, the reject word is strongly and also the curiosity word, there’s a few other things that I don’t need to go into here but before the age of four which remains to me to be key points an enable for me to identify these symptoms of Bipolar through Linden Method and it’s really been a massive life changing.

I’ve found myself now at 48 years of age,in a space surreal, unbelievable and really difficult to actually comprehend. I always feel as crazy as this might sound but I’m starting to start my life again at the age of 48! Without the previous luggage emotionally that I was unable to carry the knowledge of 48 years moving forward.

To me those life experiences and opportunities moving forward is quite outstanding, now, not all people are side to side on what I am saying is wrong and everybody is entitled to their opinion, I’m only telling you what has been worth to me and has worked for me . I owe a lot , to a lot of people I’ve been both fortunate and unfortunate to be through ,many wonderful relationships with different females (obviously I’m a male!), and they’ve all ended in what I called in a consistent theme, either I have said goodbye or they’ve said goodbye (that’s pretty consistent, noh?),and also in a work environment , which has been my fundamental outlet. It’s been where I’ve seen massive success , I’ve also seen demystified and its relevant or consistent to my personal characteristics, so the highs and the lows of both personal and business level collided directly or aligned and the result of where I am today or a collection of everything, self-employment stress, relationships stress, a society’s misunderstanding because that is the summary or enclosing for me, it’s actually society’s inability in a rapid environment or fast paced environment is we are too busy to give people the time that they need, the attention they actually need to be able to open up and feel comfortable and confident in an environment that allows them to be able to get back to a level of comfort to start work with The Linden Method, my theory on that is that its the depth of the emotional scar , the depth of the feeling,depth is based on age and how old are we now relative to how old are we when the the impact happened or that feeling occurred and how depth that feeling cuts at that particular time. So look, its my theory, I know that there’s a lot of others out there and I think that’s wonderful, I’m not here to shove something down your throat , you can only read my words. There are people seeing a lot of substance there are, there are a lot of people seeing results and there are people amazed and give a good word, some makes my stomach turn cause it’s not something that I’m comfortable with getting in front of people and just speaking my ways, its not my style I’m more of a technician on the background , i’m more on person working through the problems coming with ways and solution to other people’s problem and give them a better outcome.

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If I’m writing what I’m saying fundamentally, I know I am. Society’s got a lot to learn to this my writing that will come forth from hereon in. Again I can only speak on my own position, I can only speak on my own strength of character and the time that its taken me to endure so much pain and so much hardship or struggle as i call it as diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder , to be able to doing this , the technology that I am now using to battle so many other issues.Its really, really difficult to truly comprehend what I’m saying here is true, Its really difficult to truly express what i want to express.I want to make this my blog now, my audio blog and hopefully I can help somebody out there in some form or a way to see them luck in a better position, and what is this all about is I want to see people in a better space and enjoy a better balanced life

Alright, I appreciate your time, the sun is showing here in Melbourne, Australia. And you take care and I really do hope that you can really worked through some stuff that is stuck in your head and slowly but surely take out small boxes in a comfortable way.

I really do hope that you’re in success in having to cure Bipolar Disorder.You take care! All the best from AG.And we’ll speak to you soon.

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Do you agree that having a pet help improves one’s mental health and eases Depression Symptoms?Yes

Do you agree that having a pet help improves one’s mental health and eases Depression Symptoms?Yes

Do you agree that having a pet help improves one’s mental health and eases Depression Symptoms?Yes

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Making a diagnosis about Mental Health

Frequently known to as an individual’s psychologically and mentally,or emotional well being,mental health and mental health disorder are a terminology which has no one particular established description based to the World Health Organization.

The majority of experts consider that mental health is calculated by an individual’s capability to continue to be able and capable, dealing with ordinary amounts of stress, preserving completely happy and balanced interactions and his/her capacity to steer an self-governing lifestyle.

One additional indication of mental health is staying competent to rapidly recuperate from challenging occasions, which may consist of both of those physical and emotional.

If a person says that he/she is battling from mental health condition, a psychiatrist should be conferred with for a specialized assessment.

In a few instances, a typical conversation with a specialist may be adequate for individuals to get over their concerns and come back to a optimistic mental health state.

For some people, prescription medication may be necessary or even confinement in serious cases. With the appropriate treatment method, numerous individuals who undergo from several form of mental health condition can quite often live a comfortable and healthy and balanced life. The 1st part of defeating any form of health issues is to acknowledge the situation early, regardless if that acknowledgement comes specifically from the patient or from individuals dearest to him/her.

Although individuals who have happened to be clinically diagnosed with a mental health issues frequently need a higher need for mental health campaign, actually all those who have not been clinically diagnosed still require a specific quantity of the very same. The reality is that every person has mental health requirements, such as those who have no illness. Mental health campaign may be offered in the way of support, love, guidance, understanding, and many others.

It is necessary to recognize the distinction between a good mental health condition and one that may be a sign of an health problems. Every lifestyle has stress filled scenarios, tears that must be dropped and limitations that must be conquered. Nevertheless, the ideal way to determine mental health is by evaluating an individual’s capacity to manage these circumstances competently. There is no one general indicator or signal of a mental health disorder, but is best explained as an individual’s incapability to handle or cope with daily circumstances in a healthy and balanced and effective way.

The information and facts in this post is to be put into use for educational purposes only. It ought to be applied in position of, or in combination with, specialized health care assistance. Anyone with queries concerning mental health must seek advice from their health practitioner for additional important information, a medical diagnosis and/or treatment plan program if one is considered required.

How common do you think mental illness is?Common

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Ideas to Assume control of Mental Health Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, likewise referred to as manic depressive disorder, is a life-long mental health problem which affects the chemistry of the mental faculties.

In traditional circumstances, it triggers intense mood swings from manic attacks of severe highs to depressive attacks of incapacitating lows, with reasonably normal intervals in-between.

In accordance to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 2 million individuals age eighteen and above have happened to be clinically determined with bipolar disorder.

A number of important actions to think about if you or a loved one possess bipolar disorder may include:

1. Look for a mental health specialist you put your trust in. An individual identified with bipolar disorder requires to set up a relationship with a reliable mental health specialist in which an open and sincere change can take place.

2. Take on prescription medication as recommended. This is first and most important action in taking handle of bipolar disorder. It is the one particular component that requires to be rigorously adhered to. In order for prescribed medication to work appropriately it must be taken regularly and for the lengthy period. It may be appealing to end taking prescribed medication as conditions lessen and one begins feeling much better. Then again, this could have damaging effects.

3. Minimize Stress. Mental health specialists generally believe that accelerated stress can induce an event of manic depression. Obtaining time to unwind, sharing tasks, or merely communicating to another person during a nerve-racking situation may assist to bring on an improved perception of peace.

4. Don’t develop into isolated person. Do not try to “manage” bipolar disorder by yourself. Looking for the comfort and ease and understanding of friends and family is essential to a person’s therapy. It can be very beneficial to join a bipolar disorder help support group because the individual there have an understanding of the emotions and complications of surviving with the mental health issues. They can provide information and support to an individual facing a prognosis.

5. Continue to keep a healthy way of life. It is essential to set up standard healthy and balanced activities such as working out the very same period each day, going to bed at the very same time each evening and rising up at the very same time each day. Build and maintain a healthy and balanced eating habits and get a lot of rest, because inconsistent sleep habits can build up the problems of bipolar disorder. Do not use caffeine containing drinks or recreational medicines.

6. Develop into an pro on bipolar disorder. End up associated in being familiar with the signs and symptoms and treatment method of bipolar disorder and the results it can contain on friends and family.Seek advice from a certified mental health specialist with issues and fears. Read literature about the mental health issues or pay attention to talks by professionals. Find out as considerably about bipolar disorder as achievable because understanding is an effective tool in getting out the enigma of the mental health issues.

7. Improve lifestyle with pleasurable things. Make it a top priority to participate in matters pertaining to emotions of happiness, joy, and achievement. Hobbies and interests or routines that improve a perception of serenity and peacefulness . assist one effectively in coping with the dilemma of bipolar disorder.

A prognosis of bipolar disorder should not have to imply the end of a person’s world; instead it can be regarded as a brand new start. One that will, at last, gives an justification and greatest alleviation from a few of the inexplicable and harmful actions an individual may possibly display, releasing them to dwell in a full and satisfying lifestyles.

Sadly, there is no treatment for bipolar disorder at this time. However as with any long-term condition, such as diabetes, heart condition or epilepsy, suitable therapy, supervision and comprehension of the mental health issue is necessary. The majority of individuals with bipolar disorder can result to total, successful and gratifying lives by currently taking vital steps to handle and control their mental health issues.

Bipolar disorder is a personal problem not a societal problem.Yes, ill handle Bipolar disorder alone.

No, Bipolar disorder is everyone’s problem.

It seems to be that so many people have a different perspective on what Bipolar Disorder really is!

For me as a person diagnosed with bipolar it’s actually just starting to be understood on my own behalf.

I want to always remind you that I have no formal training on mental health nor a degree and my written experience is based purely on my life with, managing and hopefully curing bipolar.

Did you connect or hear anything that triggered a thought or an ahh huh moment maybe?Again, this is my journey with Mental Health and dealing with Bipolar and the way I’ve connected thoughts to words, my life journey and what I’ve looked listened and learned during my 40 odd years of life.

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I am Anthony and I wanted to have chat to you about Bipolar and Mental health and whether you agreed with my thoughts?

At the time of writing this I’m 48 years of age and I see that Mental Health and Awareness is becoming bigger and bigger, now I’m not want to be an over whelming self-opinionated individual but I am extremely passionate the whole mental health environment, hence why i put this site together!

My understanding of Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health is in a simple description someone who has stages of maniac behavior and then stages of depression, or mood swings from one extreme to the other.

My personal journey began some 15 years ago, when I worked myself into the ground and ended up having a mental breakdown! Now at that stage of life i accepted that the brand may have been fitting, i certainly needed some form of medical intervention yet what I felt I didn’t really need was to be labeled by society for something they couldn’t actually tell me where it had come from?

I am an extremely capable person in my area of expertise and at that time I was involved in a manufacturing company with quite a few employees, it ended up in bad shape and to me it was my world of “recognition”.

Recognition, love, peace, prosperity, an enjoyable life journey, we all want the same don’t we? Or at least I imagine we do

I just want to side track a little here again my friend, I hope you’re connecting with me? Are you?

I have read and listened to many sites that identify the “signs’ of bipolar but I struggle to come across sites that support self-management and possible cure.

But please allow me to identify characteristics and explanations I have found over time, but then please allow me to add my personal experience twist and see if we can make a connection?

Let me summarize, I have been diagnosed with bipolar 15 years ago, I struggle to accept it, and I want to try and see if we can manage through this situation together?

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The Linden Method is THE solution