Cairns Fertility Centre

Cairns Fertility Centre

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Where the journey into and beyond fertility management is navigated with care, concern and world class reproductive medicine.

It is widely known that stress is a contributing factor to infertility in women. While the journey toward seeking treatment is fraught enough, minimising the stress of treatment has become as much an integral part of modern technique as using cutting edge technology. Infertility has a profound emotional impact on couples and it is our aim to address this important issue.

Under the Medical Directorship of Dr John Yovich, Cairns Fertility Centre applies leading edge technologies and equipment alongside a range of holistic treatments, seeking an optimum success rate for all fertility patients. Counselling, acupuncture, and other holistic therapies including massage are also available to achieve peace of mind and body during the treatments.

Located in the heart of a tropical paradise and just a short stroll to peaceful Trinity Bay, Cairns Fertility Centre is a purpose-built facility featuring two day-hospital theatres, world-class laboratories, facilities for a large range of complementary treatments and luxury accommodation for visiting patients.

Whilst Australia enjoys the reputation of being at the vanguard of IVF treatment Cairns Fertility Centre warmly welcomes patients from all parts of Australia and overseas to experience our state of the art facilities combined with the tranquility of our location all in the hope of optimising our success rate.

The development of new techniques and improvements has markedly increased success rates and the overall birth rates.

These developments could not have occurred without some element of research. If any aspect of your treatment involves a research component this will be discussed with you and you will always be given the option of joining or declining entry into the various approved projects.

All scientific trials are approved by our Institutional Ethics Committee and in accordance with National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) directions. Please do not feel obligated to consent to research. If you do agree we ask you to sign consent forms and you may withdraw your consent at any time. We will make every effort to keep you fully informed about our research programme.

Members of our research team have been involved in the publication of over 200 research articles in reputable journals which have a system of peer review. The team has also published over 20 books and chapters in human reproduction.

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