The biggest nutritional mistake EVER

The biggest nutritional mistake EVER


Yesterday we discussed that you need a nutritional template if you’re truly committed to having the healthiest and most attractive body possible.

A nutritional template just means, a meal plan.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they need a SPECIAL PLAN designed to meet their individual needs and that is a MISTAKE, at first.

Eventually you can incorporate some more advanced nutrition techniques but if you’re not flaunting a ripped six-pack, right now, or exuberating all-day energy, you are probably swimming in water too deep.

You’ve Been Lied To

We’ve both been conditioned to believe that you need a nutrition plan different than everyone else. You’re right, partly!

You’ve been told to worry about calories, macronutrient rations and other advanced details in the beginning, which in my opinion is wasted energy.

Focusing on these details is like working on your finishing sprint in the marathon when you’re not even in shape to run 1 mile yet.

The best meal plan is based on BALANCE and VARIETY which is exactly catered to your physiological make up. You can’t get more personalized than that!


At the start, EVERYONE’S nutritional quest should begin at the SAME starting line.

Plainly put: You Need A SIMPLE Nutritional Plan You
Foundational Nutritional Principles.

That’s why I want you to download Vince DelMonte’s "Done-For-You" Fat Loss Meal Plans available at

It’s critical that you put your meal plan into action TODAY - not tomorrow, not next week or next month.

I love these plans because they are SO EASY to implement your very next meal and continue until you have developed the habits necessary to see results so that you stay motivated and finally perfect your body and health.

The Best Part Of Your Own Meal Plan

There are no rules to follow, complex formulas, expensive supplements, ridiculous macronutrient ratios that you need to concern yourself with.

Everything is already DONE-FOR-YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, once you get to being a few percent away from "camera-ready" and "contest-ready" shape, you’re going to have to incorporate some more advanced tricks but for now, it’s best you accept the 3-phase meal plans as the best place to start.

Get your complete set of 30 unique 84-day fat loss meal plans TODAY

To your success,

Arthur M.

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